Davide Granata was born in 1979 in Venice, Italy, and resided there until the age of 27. His upbringing in the historic city heavily influenced his development as an artist, nurturing his childhood wonder and sensitive nature. As he recalls, "As a kid, I played in a living museum surrounded by works of art." However, he did not receive the support he needed to pursue the visual arts, as the answer he received was typical: all artists starve and become famous only when they die.

In his twenties, while working for the Chorus Association of Churches in Venice, Davide's love and admiration for paintings grew stronger than ever. He was exposed to the great works of old masters such as Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Tiepolo, and Bellini, and developed a key friendship with artist Francesco Dona'. This friendship culminated in his enrollment in art school, where he began his journey in painting and self-research.

Davide paints in the realism style, with oil as his preferred medium. He moved to the United States after falling in love with a woman from Rhode Island who later became his wife. Leaving his country, family, and business to follow his heart was not easy, but with the support of his wife and her family, he integrated and became accustomed to the American lifestyle. In 2014, he became an American citizen and a father. Despite different expectations, Davide was compelled to follow his deep emotional nature and direct his energy toward his passion for oil painting, leaving behind a compelled secure career.

Davide's early works were signed as Liberty, followed by his first name, as a tribute to the statue of liberty, which has symbolized hope and dreams coming true for immigrants throughout history. Although he now signs his new works only with his first name, he still keeps the artist appellation of Liberty. It is with these ideas in mind - hope and liberty - that Davide feels a deep connection with his beloved new home, the United States of America.

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Meet Davide Granata: A Realism Painter Inspired by Venice and America